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Outpatient x-ray clinics are conveniently located to enable all patients to reach them easily by either private vehicle, cab or by VIA transit services. One location is on the east central side of the city while the other is located adjacent to the Medical Center on the near northwest side of the city.

Diagnostic x-ray examinations include chest, abdomen, extremities, spinal and special views for orthopedic physicians, for doctors of osteopathy and for chiropractors.

Walk-in patients are welcome at the Northside facility and patient's convenience is always a major factor in providing services on Saturdays, Sundays or at other irregular times.

A full range of highly professional and very skilled services is readily available at the convenience of the patient or Doctor (by appointment)

Special equipment is provided for difficult to x-ray patients, as in the case of handicapped, pediatric or geriatric patients.

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